Agria Pet Insurance

Increased Conversion

This project was initiated to raise standards in soft skills and to increase the conversion of quotes into policies. The training was themed ‘Stick Buy It’ as this had  a pet theme and the TNA revealed that agents were ‘giving up’ too soon.


The brief was to create  a bespoke training programme for Agria Pet  Insurance, specifically for the teams processing  quotes; with the purpose  of boosting their sales  conversions through effective sales conversations  that are increasingly  personalised and successful;  whilst still maintaining FCA  compliance.
We conducted an in- depth training needs  analysis of conversations to  establish the opportunities  to have improved sales  conversations, whilst  remaining compliant. This  involved understanding the  ‘secret sauce’ of top sellers,  exploring the blockers to  selling with focus groups of  advisors and understanding  how the team managers  coached communication  and sales skills.

We soon learned that some  Advisors were making  assumptions too early in  the quotation process that  the Agria price would not  be as competitive as other  policies. This made them  almost ‘give up’ on the  potential sale. However  these were not ‘like-for-like’  and also demonstrated that  the Advisors often placed  their own frame of reference  in relation to price onto  customers. As a result we  created a ‘stick buy it’ theme  which brought in the fun pet  theme and the concept of  sticking with the quote to  help customers buy it.
The training consisted  of a foundation day in  communication skills  and then an advanced  sales training day. Both workshops were extremely  practical and interactive,  with engaging games,  creatively themed around  the context of pet insurance.

Anecdotal Comments:

- It’s great to have someone from outside to come in and share a fresh outlook and  experience. This course was  tailored and implemented  brilliantly!
- I am confident I will be able to put some of this content into any day to  day work. I look forward to  putting what I have learnt  into practice
- I really like the fact that the course had a big focus on mind set and how we influence the customer  perception.

“After the training you  delivered my team is on  fire! The conversion rate has  increased from 38% to 56%  on outbound! We smashed  our all-time business record  for best month ever today. I am delighted, as you can  imagine.”

Danni Parsons-Moore
Head  of Contact Centre


This bespoke programme  was extremely well received  by all the delegates. Each  group found the interactive  nature of their course and  the content valuable to  their roles. Jenifer reported  that all the groups were  extremely positive and engaged fully in the delivery  of the programme.
As well as anecdotal  comments provided we ask each individual to  choose three words to  describe this course. Here is a selection of the  words chosen: informative,  energising, insightful,  relevant, interactive,  practical, empowering,  motivating, encouraging and  educational.

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