‘Sales Through Service’ for Live Chat Agents

Over the past four decades Argos has grown to be one of Britain’s most well-known retailer  brands, employing more than 50,000 people in stores, contact centres and offices across the  UK. Initially famous for electrical goods, jewellery, toys and homeware the product range has  grown to more than 60,000 items sold online and via 840 stores.

The Project:

Like many retailers Argos is aware of the competitive nature of its business and came to Ember Real Results for assistance in maximising value in customer conversations using a ‘Sales Through Service’ approach. The project was  focused on ensuring that contact centre teams speaking to customers over the telephone and via website ‘Live Chat’  were focused to help the customer buy. This can be done by ensuring that the Advisor sourced an alternative where  possible for any out of stock items and thought about suitable extras the customer might need; for example batteries  or accessories for their purchase. This is a great way to ensure convenience for customers at the same time as  maximising revenue for the business.

The Approach:

A thorough Training Needs Analysis was carried out  which involved listening to calls and reviewing chat  transcripts to identify where opportunities were  taken or missed. Focus groups and meetings were  held with all levels to understand the cultural views  on selling, how confident the teams would be and  how the systems could support them to find the  right alternatives and add-on products.
From this analysis a two-day interactive Sales training course was developed, with a fun nautical theme. The programme was constructed with 4 half day modules that could be delivered as 2 full days of training or divided up as required.

The Learning Involved:

- Being confident and positive that making appropriate suggestions to the customer is helpful (we thought about all the times customers called  back when they had forgotten something and this  could incur an extra delivery charge!)
- Conversational skills –listening, rapport, questioning and positive language, for both telephone calls and live chats.
- Understanding the product range and ideas for alternatives and add-ons.
- Advanced selling tips to showcase the fantastic range, service and offers from Argos to each customer as relevant and the unique advantages of Argos –the same day delivery service for example!

The Delivery:

The training programme was delivered by the expert and charismatic  Moir Ferguson from Ember Real Results and encouraged constant  participation, activity and involvement from the groups. There was no  opportunity to get bored!
Moir says “Our style is to create the learning, to get the learners thinking  for themselves rather than spoon feeding them. That way they stay  focused and remember the content. Everything was designed to be highly  relevant and practical so that they can transfer it back to their day jobs straight away.”
In addition Ember Real Results worked closely with the internal Argos Learning and Development team to handover the  content of the programme to enable them to build the modules into Induction and be able to carry out refresher  training and follow-up training in a self-sufficient manner.

The Feedback:

- Delegates agreed with this approach and scored the training highly on a number of measures including its structure, relevance, and value of practical activities.
- Delegates came away feeling confident and inspired to increase sales through even better customer service.
- “Really enjoyed this course, brought out a lot of confidence in me that I didn’t previously have – Thanks”
- “One of the best training courses I have had from Argos in the twenty years I have worked here!”

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