ERR's first contact with Ariat Europe started in early 2017. We were asked to design and develop a modular training programme that would be suitable for their leadership team. In addition, they wanted some sales training and team building to be carried out with the Customer Services team.

How we helped:

After our initial consultation, one of ERR's experienced consultants spent time with the CS team in Ariat, listening to calls, meeting with groups and individuals and generally getting under the skin of the organisation.
From there, we were able to design two bespoke workshops for that team; one to improve their selling skills and one to build their internal relationships within the company.
Ariat also asked us to administer an MBTI profiling exercise with all the CS team members, which we carried out in June 2017. This involved each person completing an assessment and receiving one-to-one and group feedback with one of our qualified MBTI practitioners.

The Solution:

Following the CS Teams training, ERR then went on to develop a series of workshops for the Leadership team in Ariat. They too completed an MBTI profile and received individual coaching and feedback from one of our qualified consultants.
From there, we continued to work with the team over the next year.  We delivered three group workshops in Inspirational Communication, Resilience & Tenacity, and Strategic Thinking & Planning. They were supported by 4 coaching days spread throughout the year, where individual managers and leaders had the opportunity to spend time with our qualified coach on a one-to-one basis to discuss their development, explore their opportunities and agree actions to implement the tools and techniques they had learnt on the previous workshops.

The Results:

To evaluate the learning for the CS teams in Ariat, ERR used an online evaluation tool.  Some of the comments included:   
- It was a good refresher and some of the new team members have now got the confidence to start more selling through service.
- It reassured the team that they do have a place within the company as we move forward with our B2B tool for the sales team.
- I thought it was brilliant.             
- I thought all the material was really interesting and the style of teaching really suited me.

- I'm looking forward to more training.

- It was a very enjoyable day and I look forward to apply the learned in future situations. I would say it will make me more aware of others and how to improve myself to work better with others. Thank you!  
Feedback from the Leadership programme included comments such as: 
- The programme helped me along with all the changes and I am excited to be putting it all into practice.

- I really benefited from us all getting together on course days and sharing our thoughts and experiences – I feel like I’m not alone in the issues and challenges.                                
- It helped me to become more assertive in my communication and approach – previously I would have lots of 121 conversations and now I will call a meeting with senior leaders and key external stakeholders.

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