The ASOS Customer Care centre includes a Customer Experience team which consists of experienced advisors dealing with customer queries and escalations via email, text, live chat and social media. Ember Real Results had previously designed a training course for new colleagues in the contact centre, and when a senior manager became aware of the content and style, she asked to meet us to discuss how we could also provide a similar style of learning for the CE team.

How we helped:

We carried out a diagnostic with the Customer Experience team to understand their specific needs and typical scenarios.

We then presented our recommendations to the manager who promptly authorised the training to be carried out, but also requested that the previously designed courses also be delivered to the teams prior to the additional courses we were asked to design.

The Solution

Training was delivered initially to three teams of advisors. They consisted by a two-day training course on Customer Service Skills followed by another two-day course containing some of the same topics but at an advanced level. They were followed by a review day with team leaders to help them remember the learning and coach the advisors to develop their skills.

The Results:

Feedback from course delegates was extremely positive and comments made to senior managers within the contact centre were equally encouraging.

We await more substantiated results as this training has only just been completed and indeed another two teams have now been identified to attend future courses.

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