Charles Tyrwhitt


The Requirement:

We worked with a major digital direct insurance firm who hadn’t invested substantially in their contact centre technologies for years and which were about to move out of support, creating risks for their business. Where the client had invested in technology they had done this incrementally with a focus on minimising their investment each time. This resulted in the client’s multi-site services operating on different technologies, which limited their ability to properly align their resources to customer demand or to efficiently provide a good level of service.

The Solution

We engaged with the client to develop a clear view of what they needed by firstly re-designing the key journeys to support the client’s vision. Our customer journey design services helped the client define the capabilities needed to deliver more effective customer experiences and set out the benefits that formed part of a strong business case.

Our team then led the procurement activity with IT, business and marketing goals aligned to find the right solutions from the right partners, which fully considered the existing contractual arrangements.

As a part of this process, our team benchmarked investment levels and identified substantial savings and set out the delivery roadmap. As with many clients, we found that key stakeholders had differing priorities and perspectives on the investments required. Through the process of re-designing the customer journeys and linking the investment to tangible benefits was a positive force in helping to align priorities across the business.


The Result

The result of combining this alignment of strategic vision and embedding a commercial and legal approach throughout the process, not only removed business risk but saved the client multiple-millions of pounds of investment.

The client’s customers also benefitted from the new technology, as it not only supports better and easier customer journeys by allowing resources to be virtualised across sites creating improved responsiveness and service levels, but it also gives customers a greater choice of contact and service options.

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