The Co-Operative Insurance

We trained the entire sales adviser population (circa 250 advisers) in a ‘Sales through Service’ training course

The Requirement

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have been auditing all insurance companies closely since the financial crisis of 2008. It is unacceptable to ‘sell’ insurance in a persuasive capacity, or to target front line staff with incentives and bonuses. Indeed well respected companies have been fined around £30m for such practices.
The flip side of the FCA regulations are that organisations can become so ultra-cautious that advisors no longer attempt to relate insurance products to the individual customer. Instead, the advisers become bearers of pure fact and complex jargon riddled information that leave the potential customer feeling confused and without being asked if they would like to go ahead with the insurance.
It’s an issue that many of our FCA regulated clients have approached us to solve.
Ember Real Results works with a range of financial service organisations and our experience in this sector led Co-operative Insurance to select us to train their entire sales adviser population in the Manchester HQ (circa 250 advisers) in a ‘Sales through Service’ training course titled ‘Doing the Right Thing’.
The ‘Doing the Right Thing’ training enabled sales advisors to recognise ‘the compliance line’ and how to put the customer at the heart of the conversation and close the sale while staying on the right side of that line.
Co-operative Insurance liked the results so much they rolled the training out beyond the sales organisation.

The Solution

360 degree feedback

The programme was designed as a one day Interactive Workshop.
Following this session, the Team Managers completed a coaching workshop (3 days) to ensure they could embed the skills learned by their teams.

The Result

What made the programme work?
Co-operative Insurance were attracted to Ember Real Results because of our reputation for creating modern and interactive training sessions that deliver sustained behavioural change.
It specifically worked because of:

  • Interactive listening skills exercises.
  • Fast paced team activities.
  • Highly relevant to job role
  • Our experience of the financial industry
  • Working with team managers to follow-up

Feedback from a delegate:
“The course was interesting. I really enjoyed it and the trainer was really good. There was a lot of information to take away and to help me with more effective sales questioning.”

Gill Taylor - Training Manager, General Insurance Operations

“I’ve spoken to the Managers this morning and they really enjoyed the course and found it very beneficial. A strong theme is your credibility, your ability to respond to questions, share your experiences and to make suggestions for further development. You have a number of fans!! It’s great to hear such feedback ....well done and thank you.”

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