(Formally part of IBM),  working on their Lloyds Bank activity

Client Issue:

Our client had a need to improve their  contact centre agent staff’s alignment  and conversations with UK customers,  which, whilst functionally acceptable  lacked empathy and understanding.
All activity was conducted from the  contact centre in Manila, operated  by their outsourcer. In the context of  customer repayments and personal  changes to customer situations, understanding these changes and the  practical as well as emotional impacts  on their customers was vital.
Through detailed discussions we  agreed to deliver and coach more  powerful soft-skills capabilities as well  as UK-culture aligned skills guidance  and support to their front-line staff.
The key focus was to support their  own Trainers and front line managers /  Team Leaders and to help embed the materials we provide to ensure ongoing  self-management of the programme.


The Solution:

This was a particularly challenging  project working in one of their offshore  contact centres in the Philippines. We had a very short timescale for  mobilisation and onsite fact find/  training needs analysis with the  need for comprehensive material development over the Christmas period  with management briefings and training  roll out in January over an intensive 2  week period.
We had been appointed by the  outsourcer and we had a number of  interested and effected parties to  manage during this project;
The international Concentrix lead, the  Concentrix country and sites managers,  the worldwide Concentrix L&R team and  a number of end client (Lloyds) business  managers – this resulted in a fairly political and at times challenging series.

- Rapid design and deployment of TNA Review at client operational centre in Manila.
- Design of modular training programme for their agent community with support exercises  and materials
- Design of train the trainer programme to up skill their training team to enable their further delivery  and advisor support.
- Programme deployment to their Advisors and Team Managers
- Training and certification of their Trainers to ensure a self-sustaining solution remained in place after  Ember returned to the UK.

Impacts & Outputs: 

- The skills development focused upon enhancing ‘soft skills’, including upskilling Team Leaders to run  modules to their teams focused on; rapport, empathy and handling  emotions.
- We had a packed 2 weeks of delivery for 2 trainers who managed to take eight groups through a 1 ½ day skills training programme (including  80 Team Leaders and 20 Quality  Assessors).
- One Train the Trainer session and knowledge transfer through individual Trainers observing each training  session.
- Observed and provided coaching support to 12 Team Leaders with their role-out of an  initial training module to their  team.
- All delivery sessions received delegate feedback and the average score out of 5 was a  staggering 4.9, just 11 people not  giving it a full 5 marks from the  total of 111 participants.
- Typical comment verbatim included, ‘It was fantastic, really creative and delivered  the topics clearly’, ‘I’d love to  have more in the future’, “The  skills will be really useful when  coaching”, “The skills were  really well explained and linked  to each other” and “It provided  me with more ideas and ways  to discuss soft skills with my  team”.


We are delighted to say that our  Concentrix client gave us great  feedback during our review.
As we left the Manila building,  and subsequently, the feedback  has remained extremely positive  with roll out continuing over the  next 4 weeks through their Team  Leaders.

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