Consumer Body Organisation

Our Managed Analytics team implemented a speech analytics solution that could support both the QA and Insight programs, allowing our client to focus on delivering the customer engagement improvements identified.

The Requirement:

A prominent consumer body wanted to gain richer insight into its customer engagements while improving its call centre Quality Assurance (QA) process. Previous efforts with an external provider had delivered good basic reporting, but no additional insight, as the provider could only review a few calls per agent each month. The organisation asked Ember to increase its understanding.

The Solution

Our Managed Analytics team implemented a speech analytics solution that could support both the QA and Insight programs. Because we offered this as a managed service, our client didn’t need to invest in a speech analytics system directly or recruit specialist analytics resources; We supported the setup, configuration and integration of the system.
With key QA elements loaded, all agent calls could be scored and data provided to the client within a few hours after the call was completed.


The Result

Once the QA processes were running automatically, the our team used the analytics platform to investigate additional areas such as identifying the reasons for the calls, establishing agents’ sales styles and performance levels, and elements driving the consumer body’s call handling strategy.
The wider coverage of calls gave valuable insight into the conversations between customers and agents, highlighting the priority areas for changes to be made based on factual data. This not only improved the quality of the QA system, but released the resource required for QA execution.
Our ability to provide this insight and improve QA quickly and easily meant that our client could then focus on delivering the customer engagement improvements identified through the analytics solution.

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