Fast Food Restaurant Chain

We helped our client radically refresh their social media processes, via an optimised operating model that ensures the standard of customer engagement fits its global brand.

The Requirement:

One of the world’s most well-known fast food restaurant chains had become aware of a rapid increase in non-restaurant based customer contact – primarily via social media. It was concerned that the multi-channel responses didn’t reflect the in-restaurant experience and risked affecting the brand. Suspecting that it didn’t have capabilities, processes and systems to handle higher volumes of social media interactions to a satisfactory level, the client approached us to undertake a review of the operation to set out where investment should be focused.

The Solution

After engaging with stakeholders throughout the organisation, we reviewed the current demands and potential efficiencies, the existing service delivery model and the technology options.

We found that the existing operation was under-resourced and focused predominantly on escalated complaints. That meant large numbers of simple queries and minor concerns weren’t getting the attention they required. To make it easier for customers to contact the organisation via the channel of their choice, we made a number of recommendations that would allow the company to deal quickly and simply with customers online, in a way that would drive brand advocacy and customer satisfaction.
This entailed the introduction of a new operating model that would embrace social media as a service tool to engage with customers via their preferred communication channel. Frontline staff would be empowered to respond to lower-level issues and, wherever possible, close them off. We also recommended that the client utilise an outsource partner to provide frontline support, leaving the in-house team to focus on the management of more serious complaints.

The Result

The client took on our recommendations and has radically refreshed its social media processes, via an optimised operating model that ensures the standard of customer engagement fits its global brand. This has led to improved social media presence and response levels, in turn driving brand advocacy.

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