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This organisation came to Ember with a  desire to improve their existing induction  programme. They faced challenges of significant attrition with an average of 70% new starters  leaving during induction.  They also had a programme that was unstructured, 100% classroom  facilitated and process heavy  - resulting in learners not being set up for success; the average  speed to competence was at least three months. This was impacting on operational  requirements and customer experiences; resulting in the need for Ember's support.

How We Helped:

The Ember team conducted focus groups with colleagues of all levels to establish what currently works well and where the current  gaps are. We also engaged with the senior leadership team to ensure operational metrics were included and built the solution to  focus on the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to deliver on these throughout.
Once we had gained this information it allowed us to build a customised solution that focused on not only the learner  experience but also the operational KPIs and the results that the induction programme needed to achieve.
The Ember team built a two week blended induction programme which was followed by a three week ‘grad bay’ that contained  essential customer service soft skills, brand awareness, process and systems whilst ensuring it was interactive and focused on  operational KPIs. This improved their speed to competence by 7 weeks and reduced drop out from information overload.


The Results:

- Attrition average during induction has dropped to an average of 10%
- Speed to competence has reduced to now just 5 weeks
- Learner engagement has improved by 70% during the induction programme
- Operational KPIs are being achieved more consistently throughout ‘grad bay’ on the learners glide path.
- Our Errol Owl tool checks knowledge retention daily with a fun quiz.

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