Gaining regular insight to drive business improvement

Maximise the value of your existing analytics, data and surveys with Ember’s assistance. Our expert team can provide you with Insight as a Service – a regular examination of a range of data from across your business to identify new opportunities to improve the customer experience or enhance operations. It delivers actionable insights fast, that in turn can result in substantial return on investment.


Almost any organisation that is serious about service now has some analytic capability. Maybe that’s a simple as tracking customer satisfaction over time – showing the impact of additional technology or training. Others may have used more detailed analytics to understand drivers of demand or tracking aspects of interactions, such as silent time.

However, most organisations are aware that there is much more they could be learning from their interaction data. They know that there are opportunities to bring together different analyses to create a more detailed picture of customer satisfaction and behaviour, or to gain a more nuanced understanding of the issues that result in churn. The challenge is finding the time and resource to generate these powerful insights.


That’s why [Ember/Davies] developed Insight as a Service. It offers you an opportunity to gain rapid, actionable insights into your customer and operational data, either as a one-off project or an ongoing regular service. Our expert team can combine different data sets and connect the dots between structured data – such as survey results – with unstructured data, like verbatim comments or call recordings. We’ll present results within two weeks, backed by clear recommendations for change.

Currently, we are providing clients with Insight as a Service based on:

• Customer retention analysis
• Customer effort analysis
• Agent knowledge drivers from silent time analysis
• Revenue improvement analysis
• Vulnerable customer analysis

You can choose one or more of these topics as standard, or switch between analysis every quarter, to get the actionable insights you need.

Prices start from £6,000 – and our analysis typically identifies opportunities worth considerably more

Analytics background

Our analytical team is accustomed to working with a range of data about different topics and from different applications and systems. We work securely and within agreed parameters, then report our findings and recommendations to you within 2 weeks of receiving the data.

In past projects, our insights have led to:

• 38% increase in sales order value
• 60% identification of waste contacts
• £1.6m of fraudulent claims being identified


Linking NPS scores with retention data

It seems only logical that customers that giving you a high Net Promoter Score (NPS) are more likely to stay. Our comparative analysis helped one client actually track the correlation between NPS values and the impact on retention at one year.

The analysis helped underline that what some saw as an adequate NPS performance could still translate into customer churn, but equally that a poor performance – averaging an NPS of 2 – wouldn’t necessarily mean customers would leave. The business could then use that to explore the effectiveness of different retention strategies following an interaction which resulted in very poor NPS, looking at how to win the customer back.


Ease scores have become an important performance indicator for many contact centres. We helped one client examine how these compared to NPS, to gain a fuller picture of individual agent performance.

While the analysis fundamentally proved that an agent with a high average score in one metric would normally also have a high average score in the other, there were some intriguing outliers. These could then be analysed in more detail, to see what the agents were doing (or not doing) that made them not conform to the pattern. It also offered an opportunity to study further how top performing agents make things easy for customers, to boost advocacy.

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