John Lewis Case Study

To help John Lewis offer a joined-up cross-channel CX, they wanted to get a fuller understanding of the reasons customers contacted its customer service operation

The Requirement

John Lewis had successfully grown its online sales – with growth rates above its overall sales growth. But in keeping with its brand, the company recognised that omnichannel retailing meant more than selling online; it needed to offer totally joined up cross-channel customer service too. To help it in that direction, John Lewis wanted to get a fuller understanding of the reasons customers contacted its customer service operation.
With over 2,000 staff deployed across four contact centre sites dealing with both in store and online customers, this had the potential to provide a wealth of insight into the issues and queries customers had.
This insight could then be used to improve service in store and online, and inform a strategy for the evolution of its contact centre operations. In particular, John Lewis wanted to explore possibilities for enhancing service via web chat and social media.

The Solution

To give John Lewis that underlying insight, we provided a managed analytics service, monitoring call and email traffic across the four sites over a sustained period. We then examined the data, looking for patterns in contact types, common queries and recurring issues.
The service helped John Lewis to understand, in detail, the reasons customers contact them and their preferred method of interaction. It has used that understanding to inform its long-term strategy, modelling contact centre demand and identifying the agent skills required to maintain the customer service excellence it is renowned for as its omnichannel offering grows.

The Result

The strategy is designed to ensure that that John Lewis’ employees, known as Partners, both in-store and in contact centres will be able to deliver a seamless customer service experience, however a customer chooses to shop – online, mobile or in-store – from the first enquiry to the final delivery.
The work with us also complements the ongoing review of the retailer’s supply chain and logistics operation. In future, just as deliveries run smoothly, so too will the flow of information to the customer about those deliveries.

"Ember’s Action Analytics service gave us a clear window into our customer interactions and helped identify many opportunities for improvement as we pursue our omni-channel strategy."

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