One of the World's Largest Toy Companies

We were asked ‘is premium service worth it? And if so, at what cost with what benefit?’

The Requirement:

With a clear aim to provide a high quality standard of service, one of the world’s largest and distinguished toy companies turned to us to help evaluate and benchmark its global contact centre operations. The key question the client asked us was: ‘is premium service worth it? And if so, at what cost with what benefit?’

The Solution

First, we undertook a detailed review of the group’s operations, both in the USA and UK, to benchmark its working practices against similar organisations. These included organisations which had adopted outsourced models, as it was deemed important to understand both the optimum organisational structure and skills levels that would support and develop a customer service team of super users and effective managers.

We used the results of the study to develop a cost model that identified where the company was paying too much for the services it was providing, and where efficiencies could be made.
In particular, we found that while the premium service the company provided was driving high levels of customer and staff engagement, the cost of delivering such service was far too high. We identified significant savings opportunities and recommended a series of prioritised initiatives to achieve that.
To address gaps in staff skills, we conducted a training needs analysis in both the UK and USA to identify where the gaps were within team leaders across the globe. We then developed a modular curriculum, followed by refresher training and an assessment course to gauge new skills and staff capabilities. Alongside this, we provided executive coaching and mentoring to support the management team to develop and expand into new roles.

The Result

Throughout the three-year project, our team worked closely with the toy manufacturer, fitting in with its culture and company needs. The outcomes allowed the organisation to continue delivering a premium customer service that reflects the nature of the brand, but at a substantially reduced cost. The company has also been able to introduce a digital ecosystem that enables its customers to reach the company through various digital touchpoints.


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