In 2018, VitalityHealth opted to transform its approach to quality monitoring in the contact centre by replacing its manual processes with Ember’s managed analytics service. The VitalityHealth team is now able
to examine 100% of calls – providing a far deeper insight into contact centre performance. That has led to a measurable improvement in the customer experience, with VitalityHealth becoming number 1 for call service in the Top 50 Companies for Customer Service study. Furthermore, the insights gained have helped increase retention by 13%.


In 2018, quality assurance at VitalityHealth was a manual process,” recalls Simon Evans, Business Performance Director at VitalityHealth. “In practice, that meant we were able to review the equivalent of four calls per agent per month and it was taking up to six weeks from the call itself to the feedback being given to advisors. The process was costing us money, but not delivering value.”

“We wanted to introduce speech analytics, to gain 100% coverage of calls but also to increase the speed and transparency of results, and to make QA more consistent, particularly for issues like empathy and tone. Instead of being based on human assessment, which can be subjective and result in a difficult coaching conversation, we wanted to use speech analytics to evaluate all aspects of performance.”

Simon Evans, Business Performance Director


“We chose to work with Ember because from the outset the team spoke with an energy and enthusiasm that fitted with our purpose and how we wanted to use speech analytics. We’ve now got a system which enables us to conduct a straightforward comparison of what we expected advisors to say with what they actually said. The results are then displayed in the coaching system within 24 hours.”

“We started in July 2018 and by the end of Q3, we’d finished the proof of concept, so could move into design and build. The first launch was in Claims and the Vitality Programme early in 2019; we took the view that if we could get the solution to work in our most complex area, it could work anywhere. Broadly, every three months since then, we’ve extended the assessment to the next area. That now includes Vitality Care, where we support our most vulnerable customers.”

Simon Evans, Business Performance Director


“Working with Ember has been a true partnership and it’s helped us achieve our aim of monitoring 100% of calls. In the last six months alone, the speech analytics systems has assessed 350,000 calls – which is equivalent to almost 20 years worth of manual QA. We’ve seen a cost saving on that QA process of around £180k. But we’ve also seen some further benefits.”

“Since 2015, we’ve participated in the Top 50 Companies for Customer Service programme and in December 2018, we were ranked in the top 3 or 4. In December 2019, for the first time we achieved the number 1 ranking for call service and were rated best in the insurance and financial services sector.”

“There’s also been a tangible impact on our retention rate. In the three months after deployment, the lapse rate for individual policies improved by 13%.”


Recognising these significant achievements, in September 2020 independent industry body The Forum selected Ember and VitalityHealth as winners of its Supplier & Client Partnership of the Year Award.

The project also won the 2020 Insurance Times Claims Excellence Award Claims Product Solution of the Year – Service Management.

The judging panel, made up of senior customer operations leaders from a wide range of organisations, commented: "VitalityHealth & Ember Services have demonstrated how proven, prior experience of implementing systems and processes, as a trusted partner, has delivered outstanding success for the client, in an area of application where many others have failed so far.” 

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