We were invited to help RSA review its learning strategy

The Requirement

Employee learning is crucial to an insurer like RSA, but the company was aware that its learning was not as effective as it wanted it to be. In particular, its Learning Management System (LMS) was not being used to its full potential for performance management and feedback on some of the training provided was that it was dull, repetitive and uninspiring.
Further, employee feedback that though they theoretically had time allocated for L&D, they were rarely able to use it due to time constraints and workload. Others commented that the busy office was too noisy to be conducive to effective learning.
Ember was invited to help RSA review its learning strategy and in particular answer an overarching question:
‘What role and value does a digital learning capability have for RSA, what is the functional roadmap, and how do we better structure and prepare the service and sales organisation for this opportunity?’

The Solution

We worked closely with RSA to gather feedback from staff and managers about the effectiveness of the current digital learning strategy. We used focus groups, interviews and questionnaires to build a picture and then presented a detailed report with a number of recommendations to:
Enhance e-learning content with gamification and micro learning
Develop a clear link between learning offerings and business outcomes
Retain the LMS but rebrand it and improve the way it was promoted internally
Introduce dedicated learning areas in the call centres so staff can learn away from their usual desk
Actively strive to preserve personal learning time – building it into capacity planning
Create role-specific learning pathways.

The Result

With a rebranded LMS, learner pathways, dedicated learning time/space and enhanced e-learning design capability, connected to the end-to-end learning lifecycle we developed, RSA has been able to produce learning that engages the learners. The LMS now provides meaningful reporting insight to management and demonstrates true ROI.

“We were very impressed with Ember’s expertise in helping us to understand and then define our steps towards a best in class training strategy... Our business results are driven by our brilliant, capable people. Ember helped us to define and implement what was needed in the modern digital age to deliver legendary service to our customers”

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