Launching Web Chat


Skipton Building Society was launching a web chat option to its customers for the first  time in Autumn 2016 and sought the help of Ember in the summer prior to  the ‘go live’ to ensure that all Advisors were consistent in tone and language to meet the  needs of the largely mature and professional customer base.

How We Helped:

Ember spent some time consulting in the  organisation to meet the key stakeholders and establish the  brand Tone of Voice. A number of key questions needed to be  answered including the preferences on emojis, abbreviations and the use of ‘canned’ responses. From the consultation it was  also clear that the Advisor population was much younger than  the average customer and in order to work with this difference  spelling, grammar, proof reading and sentence structure work was key for the success of the programme.

The purpose of the solution was as follows:

1- Know how to engage conversationally on WebChat with the  correct 'tone of voice' for your organisation.
2 - Know how to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes using  proof reading techniques.
3 - Know when to use 'cut and paste' auto responses to save  time and when not to.
4 - Have practiced 'chats' to feel confident and knowledgeable.
5 - Have an action plan to make use of what is learned and  discussed immediately.

Quotes from Participants:

“Easy to follow and explained with evidence,  providing facts and examples of success.”
“Enjoyed that we got to look at how other  businesses use digital channels for customer  service. Liked seeing what good looks like and  getting hints and tips on what we can do while on WebChat.”
“I will now be confident when using WebChat.  I have taken a lot from this day. I know how I will  be using language rather than tone in Chat. When I  have seen the system and perfected my ‘paste’  comments I will be really confident.”

The Results:

The programme was delivered successfully with delegates  scoring all elements of the programme from 90-100%  satisfaction. They described the learning events as ‘engaging’,  ‘informative’ ‘specialised’ ‘relevant’ and ‘memorable’.
The next steps for Skipton following this programme included  creating a Quality strategy to evaluate chats and a recruitment  process to move telephony advisors into chat. Ember Real  Results was able to provide strategic advice on both aspects to  support this valued client to success.

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