Spire Healthcare

Training Program rolled out for Healthcare Provider

“Ember Group was working with Spire to upgrade their telephony system and help re-align some of their services to make it even easier for customers (patients and their families) to communicate with the 34 hospitals across the UK. While that was being implemented, a need for a soft skills programme was identified to finesse the customer experience and communication between hospital staff and patients, visitors and relatives.”

How we helped:

We carried out a diagnostic with Spire Liverpool and designed a programme of classroom-based learning that would provide improved customer service to potential and existing patients and their families. A pilot programme was designed to provide three separate solutions; Telephone Customer Service, Face to Face Communication Skills, and Coaching Skills.  These were designed for team members whose main responsibility was to answer telephone enquiries, deal with customers at various receptions points, and for team leaders who led these teams.

The People Impact:

Feedback from attendees throughout Spire has been extremely positive.  One senior colleague commented to her Operations Manager that she had been unsure about taking part in the programme, as she had been on many similar training programmes in the past.  However, she went on to say that in her entire career of over 30 years, it had been the best and most rewarding learning she had even attended.  Even better are the comments from patients who have expressed an increase in consideration and, as a result, are enjoying an excellent level of customer service.

The Real Results:

The rollout of the programme is still ongoing but delegates have reported an increase in their confidence and customer service skills. Here are just a few of their comments:

“This training is amazing! Best course I’ve ever had. So practical and engaging. I have lots of ideas to apply back at work.”

“I’ve been here for over 20 years and I feel like I always try my best to give great customer service but this has given me some food for thought of where I might be able to do even better. Thank you.”

“I recognised myself in some of the stories and examples. We are only human! But I know I need to be more positive and consistent and not let my frustrations get the better of me at times. I’ve learned lots of new strategies.”

Our Solutions:

Here at Ember Real Results one of our many talents is designing results focused, customer service learning solutions. We understand how delivering excellent customer service plays a critical part in ensuring your organisation ‘stands out’.

With industry experts working on the team we pride ourselves in working with our clients to ensure their customer service programmes are modern. We skillfully blend classroom time with digital experiences to ensure efficient and effective learning retention.

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