A Travel Commerce Platform Company

Optimised operating model has led to a 25 point increase in Net Promoter Score as well as 15% reduction in OpeEx

The Requirement

Having grown organically and through acquisition, our client’s customer support operation had become fragmented and was delivering different levels of service and experience to its customers. To support a strategy to accelerate NPS and increase its market share, the client needed to understand what its optimum operating model should look like and what it should invest in to improve the experience for its customers.

The Solution

We were engaged to conduct a comprehensive review of the client’s operating model, capabilities and how these were being utilised by its customers. We devised a multi-faceted review process that in just 8 weeks would provide the detailed insight the business urgently needed.
We gathered and analysed data from across the business to understand demand, costs, performance and productivity across in-house and outsourced operations. Our consultants conducted in-depth interviews with stakeholders from across the global locations, including those at its outsource partners and we undertook on-site reviews in a number of its global customer support locations. We assessed in detail the company’s technology infrastructure, applications and capabilities they had and reviewed the status of various projects that were either live or being planned.
Based on this, we were able to recommend a new optimised operating model and a series of key initiatives that would the company adopt it. We developed a roadmap to implement these and an initial business case showing the investments and benefits to support board approval to kick off the change.

The Result

The client accepted our proposals and has now fully implemented an optimised operating model to support multiple markets, products and customer segments. The impact has been fully measured: it has led to a 25 point increase in Net Promoter Score as well as 15% reduction in OpeEx.

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