A COVID-19 Rapid Support Initiative

Adapting your operating model for remote working

Responding to change in unprecedented times

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The end of business as usual?

Covid-19 presents an immediate and unprecedented change to what everyone has long considered ‘business as usual’. Its impact has forced all organisations to move rapidly to adapt their operating approach. The ability to cope with the challenges that confront us, post Covid-19, will be determined by whether we decide to design our operating models against assumptions of a broadly predictable and stable future or of uncertainty and even volatile change.

Embracing change as a competitive advantage

Whilst it’s early days, we appear to be embracing new ways of working. For example, those organisations culturally averse to home-working are now discovering how effective (and necessary) it can be. They are likely to reconsider their long-term real-estate needs, the savings to be made and employee engagement gains through enhanced work-life balance. And whilst remote working presents short-term challenges and longer-term opportunities, if considered now, it could become a future source of competitive advantage and employee attraction and retention. Furthermore, the opportunities need to be considered in the context of the value you are delivering to your customers and how well your current operating model meets those needs (and those of your employees). ​

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