A COVID-19 Rapid Support Initiative

Managing increased demand through intelligent automation

Human and virtual workers operating together effectively

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Increased demand? Customers still need help

Organisations are operating in unprecedented times with customer experience operations facing staffing issues and seeing huge spikes in volume. What hasn’t changed is that customers still have high expectations of the goods and services they purchase and while they may have some sympathy with your challenges, they still need timely and accurate responses. How and the speed at which you respond may determine the quality of customer relationships you have for years to come.

Digital workers can help

Ember is working with businesses to position intelligent technology at the heart of their operations; enabling them to maintain service levels through waves of demand and deliver 24/7 automated operating models through self-service interfaces and conversational AI.​

​We can deploy, within weeks, simple Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools that automate mundane processes or put in place more sophisticated systems which couple RPA with AI to deliver greater Intelligent Automation (IA) capabilities for more complex processes, such as reading and responding to emails in the right tone and sentiment. Furthermore, we are using IA as an instrument to execute a “human in the loop” capability and remove the “heavy lifting” from processes whilst maintaining the human intelligence within it.​

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