A COVID-19 Rapid Support Initiative

Supporting leaders of remote workers

Managing remote teams in unprecedented times

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Building successful remote teams rapidly

COVID-19 could cause a permanent shift towards more remote working, and given this unprecedented situation, many workers will be new to this way of working. Your leaders will need to get these remote workers up and running fast, whilst helping them to feel connected to the rest of the team and find opportunities to collaborate and move forward on important projects. Some may struggle with motivation, direction and distraction, especially if this is out of the ordinary and/or if they are worried about their own or their family’s health and well-being; or anticipating financial difficulty. Ember has developed a learning module to support your leaders for exactly this situation. This (virtual) learning module will help you to support them as rapidly and as best as possible, thus avoiding the common issues experienced in managing remote workers and teams, and to get the very best from them at this difficult time. ​

Why develop skills in `Managing Remote Teams`

Your organisation can’t afford to wait until tomorrow to learn and develop best practices in the leadership of remote workers. This needs to start today. The good news is that few of these changes require sweeping, expensive changes. Creating a great place for remote employees to work comes down to a shift in perspective and a willingness to put effort in the right places.​

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