A COVID-19 Rapid Support Initiative

Turning complainers into advocates

Managing complaints in unprecedented times

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Customers don’t stop complaining

All businesses are operating in unprecedented times, with all contact centres facing major staffing issues and many seeing huge spikes in volume. Customers though, still have high expectations of the goods and services they purchase and while they may have some sympathy with your challenges, they are still likely to complain if they have received a level of service that does not meet their expectations. ​

It’s vital that they are handled effectively

Regardless of the current situation, it’s vital that complaints are handled in the right way to satisfy commitments to customers. If you operate in a regulated industry, it is unlikely that you will be given any leeway on your handling of complaints, irrespective of these testing times. Even if you don’t work in such an industry, it has been well reported that one key factor in growing loyal customers is how well you handle their complaints, especially in their moment of need.​

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