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In the interests of greater consumer protection, regulators are looking harder than ever at a range of issues relating to product design and governance. Ember’s experts can lead you through a strategic, joined-up process that can turn product governance from a regulatory headache to a significant business advantage.

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Our Solution

Our work crosses multiple regulated industries and a variety of business models and challenges. We’re now drawing on that experience to create a single, integrated solution for businesses, that includes:

  • rapid, independent assessment of your product governance approach against current and likely future regulatory principles
  • identifying where businesses may be at risk of non-compliance – with practical recommendations for change, based on best practice from a range of industries
  • new ways to transform product design and governance
  • support, expertise and technology, to lead you on the change journey

In all we do, we maintain a commercial mindset, that recognises that developing and maintaining product lifecycles that truly focus on customer outcomes will not only satisfy the regulator but also has the potential to deliver profound business benefits.

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