From words to actions: Discover the link between NPS and customer behaviour

Ember’s innovative solution can help you understand the probable impact of different Net Promoter Scores on whether a customer will renew or return – based on robust analysis of exactly what your customers have done in the past.

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NPS has become one of the most widely used measures of the customer experience – but what does it really tell you? In most organisations, NPS is used simply as the instant measure of the success of an interaction. Maybe you’ll get a pat on the back; maybe a kick in the teeth.

But while that may provide a nice KPI on the management dashboard, all too often that’s where the value ends. Companies have little or no idea how many of their “promoters” will actually promote them; nor do they know what impact detractors really have. Given the effort so many organisations make to measure NPS, this seems a missed opportunity.

Ember’s new analytics solution helps put this valuable data to greater use.

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