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Assuring compliance, improving quality, driving competitive advantage. Whatever regulatory demands you’re facing, Ember’s integrated approach to quality and compliance gives you the confidence you’re meeting requirements and the capability and customer insight to drive operational change. Here’s how

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Legislation such as the Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR), which imposes new levels of accountability on named senior individuals, is just the latest development in a rapidly shifting regulatory landscape that is forever moving in the direction of greater consumer protection, more stringent scrutiny, and the demand for firms to instil a culture that prioritises positive consumer outcomes.

At Ember, we believe that compliance provides an opportunity to drive business transformation and maximise customer value. Our team can work with you to identify and capitalise on those opportunities, so that instead of compliance simply being a cost, it could generate savings or increase sales or retention too.

It starts with a compliance assessment, from which we’ll generate recommendations for short and long-term change – all backed with a clear business case. That could range from managed analytics to help you monitor compliance and understand root causes of dissatisfaction, to empathy training for frontline service advisors, to pinpointing opportunities for automation that make customer journeys faster and more consistent.

We’ll then work with you to secure the gains, while also making sure you’re fully compliant.

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