Helping Organisations Improve How They Support Vulnerable Customers

Regulators are increasingly challenging businesses in all sectors to improve the way they support vulnerable customers. Ember’s integrated solution can help you clarify what you need to do, benchmark your compliance to date and provide practical routes to help you ensure you treat vulnerable customers fairly and appropriately.

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Our work has crossed multiple regulated industries and a variety of business models and challenges. We’re now drawing on that experience to create a single, integrated solution for businesses, that includes: 

  • rapid, independent assessment of their compliance with regulatory principles 
  • identifying where businesses may be at risk of non-compliance – with practical recommendations for change, based on best practice from a range of industries 
  • new ways to monitor their ability to identify vulnerable customers – and the way staff respond 
  • focused learning and ongoing support, to help embed a culture focused on the fair treatment of vulnerable customers. 

 In all we do, we maintain a commercial mindset, that recognises that providing effective support for customers who are vulnerable today can help secure their loyalty for tomorrow. 

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