Homeworking Optimisation: Moving Beyond ‘Keeping the Lights on’

The COVID-19 outbreak has made homeworking a reality, irrespective of whether organisations were prepared or not. It’s now time to check how to normalise this for the longer term.

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COVID19 has presented brands with unprecedented levels of challenge, resulting in businesses hastily migrating their staff to a remote homeworking environment to protect service to customers and secure their income streams.

Whilst most businesses have successfully implemented the physical model, with people leveraging technology to be able to undertake their roles, many important questions present themselves as the dust settled on the initial ‘mobilisation’ stage.

  • Have all of the risk(s) associated with a remote migration been accounted for?
  • Is effective monitoring still possible for regulatory compliance?
  • What are the implications of retaining remote working in the longer term?

Whatever the answers to these questions, there is the very real danger that in responding tactically to the major COVID19 incident, brands have unintentionally created a minefield of future risk.

If your business is considering how sustainable its work from home operation is, we can help.

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