Customers are the lifeblood of any organisation. Treating them fairly and doing the right things to support them are fundamental to what leading organisations do well. With increased focus on the vulnerable customer community by regulators and increased scrutiny from the media, getting it wrong can have substantial impacts on an organisation and make you vulnerable yourself.

Vulnerability is a big issue in society that organisations need to ensure they are supporting effectively

Around 3 million disabled people have been denied insurance or charged extra because of their condition

One in seven adults has literacy skills that are expected of a child aged 11 or below

32% of UK adults would be unable to pay an unexpected £300 utility bill(s) without cutting back on essentials

One in six people in the UK have a hearing loss

16% of working age adults, and 45% of those over state pension age, have a disability

1 in 6 people in the past week experienced a common mental health problem

The number of people with dementia is projected to rise from 0.9 million to 2.0 million by 2050

8 million people are estimated to be over-indebted with expected rises in household debt

Ember is helping organisations to address this

Helping organisations to improve how they support vulnerable customers is core to what we do at Ember.

Our approach supports any organisation, whether they are in regulated markets or not, assess how effective its approach is and then supports them to make the improvements needed.

With distinct capabilities that can help automate monitoring, develop and deliver learning solutions with embedded knowledge testing tools, Ember is ideally placed to help you improve your approach in this vital area.


Our comprehensive range of support provides:

Comprehensive audit review of all relevant areas of your business, providing you with a clear and detailed view of how effective your entire organisation is at identifying and managing vulnerable customers

A Business Risk assessment against your level of maturity, giving you real insight into the risks your business faces when you interact with vulnerable customers

A Maturity model to benchmark your capability, which you can use to measure yourself against where you want to be, enabling you to develop a focused strategy for supporting vulnerable customers

A Framework to help prioritise any required intervention enabling you to make highly effective commercial decisions, driving excellence in your interactions

Support or leadership to navigate delivery of the interventions (full programme & delivery expertise) offering you flexibility to manage your own change programme or oversee a fully managed delivery programme from the experienced Ember team

Ongoing partnership to maintain the improvements made and  ensure your business continues to improve in managing vulnerable customers

There are substantial consequences of getting this wrong

Ember are helping our clients to lead the market

A leading UK financial services brand

Ember were asked to look at how effective the client was at identifying and acting with its policy to support vulnerable customers


Using Ember’s framework, our team conducted an assessment over 2 client locations, interviewing staff and observing its operations. Our structured assessment identified policies that were to the required standard but lacked adequate monitoring and reporting on the issues combined with inconsistency in how front-line staff and management considered vulnerable customers. The assessment also identified that just over 10% of customers who exhibited the signs of being vulnerable were offered support, in line with the policies.


It was agreed that Ember would help the client to automate the monitoring and reporting of how it supports vulnerable customers and that a bespoke training programme would be designed and delivered to improve how front-line staff and management would manage these issues.


Monitoring of vulnerability was automated, which substantially increased the identification and support for vulnerable customers.

About Ember:

Ember are leaders in helping organisations improve how they engage with customers to create experiences that build lifetime relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Helping organisations to improve how they support vulnerable customers is one of a wide range of ways in which we help our clients create value.

We are specialists in our fields, innovative in our thinking and unique in our proposition and capability.

We care that we do the right thing for our clients and their customers as we know this will ensure their longevity and success.

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