Intelligent Automation: The time to innovate and make customer engagement smarter is now

Intelligent Automation creates new opportunities to improve customer engagement and the value from this for organisations. Ember has a tried and tested approach that helps organisations identify, deliver and optimise the potential from automation rapidly.

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The COVID-19 crisis has had a dramatic effect on businesses globally. We are seeing extreme impacts leaving some fighting for survival and others struggling to meet new demands. As businesses respond to this they have also had to support different customer needs, with levels of anxiety and vulnerability increasing substantially and also pressure being placed on digital touchpoints and contact centres to deal with spikes in demand and a whole new range of enquiries and needs.

The challenges faced by businesses are driving a necessity to act. Intelligent Automation, when delivered effectively, helps customers, colleagues and the business by optimising costs, speeding up resolution time and delivering value. Intelligent Automation has a key role to play for businesses in coming through the crisis as this capability will help them optimise their operating model and be ready for a very different future.

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