Optimising Your Future Operating Model

How to transition to better manage what your customers expect and your business needs

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It’s been a situation no-one foresaw, and no-one planned for. In a few short months –that have felt so much longer –normal life has been turned upside down. Inevitably, business has too: whether you’re among the few sectors that have thrived through lockdown, or one of the many that have seen revenues fall almost to a standstill, you’ve had to adapt at a phenomenal speed Almost overnight, working practices had to transform.

  • The majority of the workforce that weren’t furloughed had to work from home
  • New demands were placed on remote working infrastructure
  • Employees had new challenges at every level: maintaining performance and motivation, adopting alternative ways to collaborate
  • Those that did have to go into a workplace faced a host of new rules and restrictions

But while businesses were able to keep the lights on, leaders were only too aware that they were relying on tactical solutions. Risks, gaps and bottlenecks became frighteningly apparent; the limitations of their remote working platforms shown in sharp relief.

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