Don’t just take our word for it

A few kind words from our clients

"Ember are great! Amongst other things, they have also helped us learn how to talk to the customer. I really would recommend working with Ember. They have a great deal of experience in the wider industry and I have found their advice exceptionally valuable." Chris McGrath, IT Programme Manager, Marks & Spencer

Spire Healthcare

"The Ember project ranks as one of the most effective and smoothly delivered I have seen in 29 years in private healthcare."

Tony Yates, Hospital Director


"We very much appreciate all the support you and your team have given us, it gets us so much closer to what we were trying to do!"

Lewis Daniel, Director of Customer & People


"We were very impressed with Ember’s expertise in helping us to understand and then define our steps towards a best in class training strategy... Our business results are driven by our brilliant, capable people. Ember helped us to define and implement what was needed in the modern digital age to deliver legendary service to our customers."

Agria Pet Insurance

"After the training you delivered my team is on fire! The conversion rate has increased from 38% to 56% on outbound! We smashed our all-time business record for best month ever today. I am delighted, as you can imagine."

Danni Parsons-Moore, Head of Contact Centre


"The Contact Centre Masterclass series of videos provide thought-provoking content for contact centre team leaders covering a wide range of relevant themes. Whilst each video can be viewed in a single sitting, I have found that I quite often come back to view specific content from time to time when we are working on improving a particular aspect of our service."

D.Gordon, Informatics Merseyside

Northern Gas Networks

"At the start of this year quality assurance scores were not as high as we would have liked and just a month after the Ember Learning Training programme we have already seen a 10 per cent increase across quality assurance scores. There is a general feeling of positivity around the centre. Our people feel they are being trained and supported and that we’re investing in their future. Our team were very pleased with the training experience and they are confident and positive going forwards."

Kevin Harris, Customer Contact Centre Manager


"As a result of the work with Ember got us a 14% uplift in performance conversations, which equates to 140 + people now having conversations they didn’t have before. Our customers are really going to benefit from this."

Director of Customer Services

The co-operative insurance

"I’ve spoken to the Managers this morning and they really enjoyed the course and found it very beneficial. A strong theme is your credibility, your ability to respond to questions, share your experiences and to make suggestions for further development. You have a number of fans!! It’s great to hear such feedback ....well done and thank you."

Gill Taylor, Training Manager, General Insurance Operations


"Ember Learning were a pleasure to work with. The wide and varied experience of Carolyn and her team meant that they understood where we were and, importantly, where we were trying to get to. They created training content that was tailored exactly to the organisation and tailored that training to be applicable to several different service lines, including inbound voice and inbound email."

Kwik-fit Insurance

"From day one they were able to speak our language and bring valuable insights to us from our own marketplace as well as their own expertise. They told us clearly what changing our business would cost and what it could deliver."

Alan Brown, KFIS Operations Director

John Lewis

"Ember’s Action Analytics service gave us a clear window into our customer interactions and helped identify many opportunities for improvement as we pursue our omni-channel strategy."


"Thanks to Ember, into January Boots have seen average talk time decrease by approx 60 seconds which is huge and also across the One Health teams we are seeing consistent handle times of around 5 minutes which is good too. We are going to continue mopping up the remaining people on BALANCE training in Feb/March and also have got weekly optimisation meetings in place to review progress and individual performance to keep the focus on this."


"Ember Learning has the leading edge industry knowledge, a passion for service, and a track record for delivering clear return on investment."

Sven Hill, Head of Planning and Insight