Adapting to the changing business environment; the role people, platforms & partners play in the future of your operating model


In this webinar session you’ll hear Ember’s view of how to think differently and from Airbnb and npower, with their partner Arise, and others on how they are evolving their thinking and operating model to support customers.

Watch this webinar recording to learn:

  • Why legacy operating models are failing customers, are no longer cost effective and lack the flexibility and resilience to support changing business needs
  • How to think differently about the role of people, platforms, smart technology and partners as well as shape an optimised operating model that’s fit for the future
  • Examples of innovations being used to power and optimise more agile operating models
  • How great brands like Airbnb, npower and others are challenging themselves to think differently to adapt and evolve
  • How you can take the first steps to optimise your operating model using Ember’s proven framework

Download the webinar recording:

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