Are your agents playing havoc with your business?


The contact centre has become everyone’s domain – Sales, Marketing, Governance – all want a say in how the contact centre operates to deliver a valuable contribution to meet their own agendas. This, together with news bulletins claiming that your contact centre agents will soon be replaced by technology, the value of the contact centre and its agents is under scrutiny. It is certainly true that agents are being expected to deal with the increasingly complex interactions while the simpler ones are automated. This is a resource to be exploited and must now act as sales enabler, brand ambassador and customer service guru as well as adhering to regulatory compliance across an omni-channel environment if they are to bring real value to your business while protecting it.
Your contact centre agent is a vital point of engagement between customer and company – and that interaction must be optimised.
So a sharpening focus is required on quality and compliance… are you reaping the rewards from your agents or risking penalties and missed opportunities because of them? How can you ensure your contact centre is delivering?
While mobile and online channels are, without doubt on the increase, the telephone remains the primary method for customer interaction within the contact centre. Traditional measures and analytics within the call centre are no longer fit for purpose – they do not provide the time critical and deep intelligence upon which business decisions can be made. They are costly, time-consuming, and resource-heavy and are, at best, subjective when undertaken on a small sample basis.
Speech analytics is the most efficient way of capturing deeper customer insight that can be combined with data from other channels and operational metrics to provide a rich understanding of the customer needs and business challenges. In expert hands, defining first what information is of most value to the business, Speech Analytics can categorise conversation topics, understand context and translate this into data – providing accurate and potentially real time insight on every call.
Speech Analytics technology will capture, evaluate and report daily on all call activity without utilising your resources, and can:-

  • Identify which are the calls your quality and compliance team should be listening toto optimise your use of monitoring resources
  • Deliver daily dashboards to monitor performance and spot trends at the agent, team and department level, providing alerts and supervisor escalation
  • Closely monitor regulatory compliance and help mitigate the risk of fines
  • Detect trends, predict and prevent issues at the agent or operational level
  • Be combined with operational and cross channel data to provide missing omni-channel journey insights
  • Identify and compare individual agent performance to support best agent profiles
  • Identify sales opportunities and marketing campaign performance, helping to identify techniques of the best performing agents

Ember’s Managed Analytics Services will help you to access the power of speech and text analytics, fast, and without costly investment in the technology or specialist skills. Alternatively, Ember helps companies source the right Speech Analytics technology for their business, and assist with its implementation and optimisation. We can help establish whether your current operations and traditional methods are helping or hindering your customer engagement and business effectiveness goals and provide a costed business case for change.
If you know better, you do better. Ember can help.
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