Apple Business Chat to change the way businesses and customers engage

Apple is launching a disruptive new technology called Business Chat which will allow businesses and their customers to interact directly using iMessage.
This will be incredibly convenient with purchasing, order updates, tech support etc all being managed via a single persistent communications thread that will follow them across all of their Apple devices. The richness of the channel opens up great use cases such as self service video support, appointment booking apps or sending pictures of damages goods directly to the supplier.
Clearly this will benefit organisations too with the ability to push notifications directly to customers, automate the servicing of demand using chat-bots and allowing live agents to review previous contact history.
A key difference between iMessage Business Chat and other messaging products such as Facebook Messenger is the ability to use the service without creating a social media account. Removing this constraint combined with Apples huge user base will improve uptake of the service and provide iMessage the opportunity to become the dominant customer service messaging platform.
This type of technology is not just for the enterprise and businesses of all sizes will be able to benefit. Ember Services are experts in Customer Management technology – stay ahead of the curve and contact us to find out more about using technology innovation to optimise your operations and make life easier for your customers.