Be clear, or be gone!


Almost every organisation we work with is rigorously working to optimise its resources to give consumers or customers an experience that works for both parties.
What we often find, however, is that this is undermined by simple and avoidable actions that frustrate customers – and, cost the organisation.
Let me illustrate… Below is an example from a utility business. It is mandated to tell customers whether they are on the right tariff and to make it easier for customers to understand. Instead, they send bills containing unnecessary jargon and confusing messages which fail to instill any confidence in the customer that their utility supplier is looking after their best interests.  In fact, it is more likely to motivate them to either reach for the comparison web site (with the probable intent of switching supplier) or calling the customer helpline (incurring costs to the company) with the likelihood that they’ll receive confirmation that they are indeed on the best tariff. It is frustrating, wastes time and is totally avoidable.
Ember clients try to think like their customers. We help them to do this – it saves them money and makes doing business easier and better for them and customers. It’s not magic – it’s just what we do; so give us a buzz and let’s chat.