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Ember customer management Training, Coaching and Mentoring services

Finding human nature in a digital world: New technology continues to offer the eternal promise of simplifying our lives, whatever we’re trying to do. But there are occasions where we just want the help from someone on the end of the line; some empathy and a friendly exchange. For business, this is the opportunity to make a real impact, leave a great impression, and create customer loyalty. Contrarily, if your customer service teams are not equipped with the right skills, it can equally create negative impact and even irreversible brand damage.
In a contact centre, adherence to standard scripts is no longer satisfactory. Your agents need to understand behaviour, emotions and language; not to mention adopting new working practices to capitalise on new contact centre and customer interaction technologies. They need to know more than they’ve ever known and do more than they’ve ever done, if they are to deliver a distinctive customer experience for your organisation. In fact, anyone representing your business – outsource agencies and business partners included – need to be aware of your customer experience expectations – and share your desire and passion to meet them.
Sometimes, just defining what those expectations are is a challenge in itself. Ember has developed customer management Training, Coaching and Mentoring services; designed and delivered by customer management practitioners to support all levels of role and requirement.
If you need help developing skills and knowledge or would like an initial chat about what our services have delivered for other clients and can do for you, please review our Training, Coaching and Mentoring servicesdownload the guide and then contact Paul Mackenzie for more information on 0207 871 9797.