How does your customers’ experience impact your business outcomes?


A key challenge for contact centres is maintaining consistent services across multiple channels. Not only do customers want consistency of service that lives up to their, and your, expectations across every touchpoint, but they want to use different media to make and complete single enquiries and transactions, seamlessly.

So, how do you provide the service? How do you ensure your customers are happy with it? And how do you measure the business value?

Organisations need to understand the customers’ entire experience with the brand – across all channel and device interactions – as it relates to a target business outcome.  Knowing your customers interests and propensity to purchase from you will help to understand the customer lifetime value and make better decisions. Predicting customer retention, areas for exploitation, and product and service affinity, will help you plan and manage your engagement model as you establish the likely journey your customers will take with you – and how they will take it.
Your customers are making their preferences known!  But who are they voicing their opinions to?  You?  Do you find out when complaints are on the increase and customer satisfaction ratings are falling below your competition, or when profit warnings are blighting operational decisions, jeopardising morale and prioritising firefighting over customer service operations? Positive feedback may be apparent in good reviews and repeat business, but negative feedback may elude your company altogether – social media is a powerful tool.
As we are entering an age of decision-making by review, and as the emergence of the ‘sharing economy’ changes the supplier/consumer landscape, the perception, need, sentiment and voice of the customer will be increasingly instrumental in how companies plan their future business strategies.
Of course, the early warning signals are there – the voice of your customer can be heard through all your contact centre interactions – should you choose to listen.

Cross Channel Customer Experience Analytics

Many contact centres use Speech Analytics to some degree and with varying capability and function quality, however Digital Analytics has been sorely neglected. These goldmines of customer information are not integrated with other systems, adding significant complexity to your ability to report on a customer’s interaction across all the channels you have made available to them. Ascertaining the cost of your Customer Effort and Value Irritants, let alone the impact of customer dissatisfaction, will be an agonising exercise for those responsible for customer management and its value-demonstrable evolution.
But, before you invest time and effort embarking upon this challenge, you need to be clear about what you want to achieve. Technology offers an extensive choice of compelling options. Ember Analytics services can help. We work with organisations to verify their existing performance levels and determine their customer service aspirations. Working across all channels and systems, we can provide analytics based factual data and insight of your customer journeys, presented as a single, real-time dashboard view.