Ember set to improve digital customer journeys for leading telecommunications provider


Speech Analytics Forms the Core of Understanding Drivers of Customer Contact:

A leading telecommunications provider has appointed Ember to help it understand the drivers of customer contact and identify opportunities to improve customer journeys. The Ember team will examine a large sample of call recordings to provide a robust insight into why customers contact the company. Ember will then provide detailed, evidence-based recommendations on opportunities to reduce demand, digitise customer journeys, improve first contact resolution and eradicate ineffective contacts.


Informing Channel Optimisation:

The project is scheduled to last eight weeks and will begin with the Ember team familiarising itself with the client’s operations and approach to customer management. Based on that, Ember will then build a detailed speech analytics platform for the client, pinpointing relevant search terms that explain the drivers of contact. The call recordings will be analysed using these terms to provide detailed data that can then be applied to inform recommendations for service changes, drawing on Ember’s experience within the telecoms sector and in other major field service operations. These might include pinpointing areas where high volumes of calls could be dealt with more effectively via other channels – such as confirming the time of engineer visits.

The provider is looking for opportunities to affect change swiftly and Ember’s final report and recommendations will highlight potential quick wins.
“We’re excited to be working with a client that so clearly understands the potential of analytics to improve its service and drive digital transformation,” says Ember programme lead [Scott Kerr]. “The high volume of interactions available to us will mean our recommendations are based on solid evidence.”

Enhancing the Customer Experience:

For the provider, working with Ember offers two distinct advantages. Firstly, it can draw on Ember’s global expertise using interaction analytics – something the provider’s team recognise they lack – to gather the insights. Secondly, it can then benefit from the input of Ember’s consultants and change management specialists to propose actionable changes that will have an impact on the end customer experience.
As part of the initial contract, Ember will the dedicate the instance of the interaction analytics platform for an agreed period – enabling the provider to conduct further analysis at a later date to measure the impact of any process changes or gather further insights.

 About Ember:

Ember Group was established in 2010, and is a specialist consulting, analytics and professional services group dedicated to transforming customer engagement and CX strategies and operations for major brands globally. With offices in London and Toronto, they deliver solutions to help organisations realise their customer service vision and increase commercial value from their service operations. The Ember Group has teams of specialists across various practices and disciplines, including service operations, digital, outsourcing, technology, commercial and finance, analytics, recruitment & search, training and L&D.