Ember Group first to gain The Forum accreditation


The Ember Group has recently gained The Forum accreditation for their Insights & Analytics capability – a first for the industry. This prestigious accolade confirms Ember’s commitment to be at the leading edge of the industry. With their wealth of customer operations knowledge and their use of Interaction Analytics and Voice of the Customer insights, they are able to deliver tangible business value for clients across a wide range of industries.
The Forum as an association is committed to raising standards in customer operations through benchmarking. Their Standards Benchmarking & Accreditation recognises specific capabilities in Planning and Insights within organisations relating to customer operations. Capabilities are assessed by an independent panel of Accredited Professionals who review specific clusters of skills within the organisation.
Ember’s analytics services are designed to provide accurate, relevant data and insight, which forms the basis for both tactical and strategic decision making. The approach is to analyse both structured and unstructured data and combine this with asking well-informed questions of the data to unearth insights into common business problems. Supporting this is an operational focus for continuous improvement and identifying opportunities to improve operational efficiency. Additionally, insights are used to identify revenue opportunities from new business sales, customer retention and product upsell, as well as areas where learning and development can be used to improve performance management.
Lee Mostari, Ember’s Director of Analytics: “We are extremely pleased to be awarded the accreditation. It confirms that we are correctly placed to provide the right kind of actionable insights to our customers, and this provides an industry stamp of approval, confirming that Ember is a leader in understanding what is needed to drive consistent improvement in customer experience and engagement.”
“The Ember Group demonstrated a clear level of competence in their data analytics and we are delighted to recognise this by awarding them standards benchmark accreditation for their insights capability – a first in the industry.” Paul Smedley – Founder, The Forum.
For more information contact Ember Group on 020 7871 9797 or info@embergroup.co.uk 

About Ember:
Ember Group offers a number of customer engagement solutions including: customer management consulting, analytics, training and development, and talent sourcing. We have a deep understanding of what drives performance, and how to effect change. We deliver financially driven customer management strategies and operational delivery solutions that increase commercial value. Recommendations are derived from robust analyses that validate investment decisions and help organisations realise value from their customer engagement activities and achieve real results.  Our advice is based upon years of first-hand experience as customer management practitioners.
About The Forum:
As champions of best practice and professional development in customer contact, we are widely recognised as an innovative, inclusive and independent community of professionals who stimulate collaboration, continual learning and customer focus.
Our team of independent experts offers advice and support, enabling our members to make a tangible impact in their organisation and show how the capability of each support function is fundamental to the business, through specialist accreditation, qualifications and standards benchmarking.
Our 2018 membership programme has been structured to provide opportunities for improvement, development and recognition in 3 specific communities of continuous improvement: Professional Planning Forum, Quality & Customer Experience Forum and the Data, Analytics and Insight Forum.