Ember grows presence in Scandinavia


CX specialists now working with a second major retail client

Customer experience specialist Ember is becoming a trusted name in the Scandinavian retail sector. Since winning an initial contract a couple of years ago, Ember has seen its work mushroom – with over 20 people now deployed in the region, working on substantial projects with two leading retailers.

Starting with service optimisation

Both projects began with Ember consultants being asked to identify how the retailers could optimise the customer service they provide. In the first instance, the client accepted Ember’s recommendations that it needed to review the way it managed customer interactions across its frontline (non-store) service channels and redesign its target operating model.

The client appointed Ember to work with it on these key strategic goals and a large Ember team is now fully embedded with the client, designing new ways of working. Once the design is approved, Ember will then be a part of global implementation.

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Experienced team, flexible approach

The second project is at an earlier stage, but is also likely to involve a wide range of Ember services, from digital transformation and process automation to interaction analytics.

Within a few weeks of starting to work with us, Ember was able to present practical approaches that will have a tangible difference on our customer experience. Their consultants have a wealth of experience, as practitioners, so they understand the challenges we face and the issues that will matter to our decision-makers.

Another key factor in Ember’s growing success is the ability to bring in genuine experts in different fields to fulfil the contracts. “Unlike larger firms, we don’t have to rely on teams of generic consultants,” explains Ember client director Rachna Trehan. “Instead, our flexible approach allows us to find people superbly suited to each project, who then really invest in the client’s success.”

Embracing the client culture

That willingness to embrace the organisational culture of the clients hasn’t gone unnoticed, with Ember not just working collaboratively but being treated as full members of the client team. “That’s not just a more effective way of working; it also makes it more rewarding for all of us,” says Rachna.

With Ember proving a good fit for Scandinavian companies, thoughts are gravitating to setting up a local operation. “It’s clear that our way of working and range of services are of interest to businesses in a number of different sectors,” says [David Leedham, CEO of Ember Group], “so a dedicated Scandinavian presence is something we may want to explore before long.”

For now, though, the focus is on delivery – and with teams embedded on two client sites, there’s plenty to be getting on with.

About Ember

Ember is a business services group providing specialist management consultancy, training, analytics and executive search. We’re joined by a shared ethos, of doing the right thing for our clients, and a shared focus on the customer experience and how to improve it – with the end goal of increasing value for our clients.

For more information contact:

Ember (UK) 020 7871 9797 | info@embergroup.co.uk

Ember (Scandinavia) +44 (0) 207 871 9797 | rachna.trehan@emberservices.com