Knowing Better, Does Better – How to achieve optimum performance


Ember customer management Training, Coaching and Mentoring services

Henry Ford’s old adage, “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” – applies equally well to the principles of learning and knowledge transfer. Acquiring knowledge takes time, and time isn’t always on your side; especially if you don’t know exactly what you need to know – you just know the issues that are arising. Ember can now help you create both time and the right environment and techniques to help you and your teams deliver quantifiable results!
Ember has developed customer management Training, Coaching and Mentoring services that are delivered by our seasoned customer management practitioners that suit all levels and needs of today’s complex working environment. With new opportunities and challenges driven by technology, compliance and an evolving and expansive workforce landscape, organisations are increasingly reliant on their people to instinctively manage and keep up with change.
With the explosion of digital channels replacing and replicating traditional methods of interaction, the nuances of human engagement is becoming more crucial when people need help. That help is sought in new ways and delivered with new skills. Customers certainly are no longer doing what they have always done; and we as managers of these interactions cannot be constrained by pursuing methods that we have always used. It’s time to evolve, develop and learn.  We have designed and deployed some exciting new techniques with great impact and would like to share these concepts.
If you need help developing skills and knowledge transfer or would like an initial chat about what our services have delivered for other clients and can do for you, please review our Training, Coaching and Mentoring services, download the guide and then contact Paul Mackenzie for more information on 0207 871 9797.