Speech analytics improves management of insurance claims


Ember helps leading insurer monitor compliance with key processes and address training needs

Ember’s analytics team are helping a long-term client in the insurance sector sharpen up its claims management.
The insurer’s agents are encouraged to identify personal injury claims as early as possible in the claim process so the company can prepare accordingly. There are a series of key questions to ask that are designed to establish whether any injury claim is likely and how severe it might be.
The company had recognised that there is now even greater importance to identify personal injury claim at the first notification of loss. It asked Ember to help build the speech analytics modules to apply consistent and systematic language checks during first notification of loss calls to analyse the calls to identify relevant claims .

Using speech analytics to enhance and personalise training

Using the insurer’s existing speech analytics system, the Ember team is building a series of queries and searches to check whether agents are asking the relevant questions. If they are not, this can be fed back into training; it will also allow the insurer to quickly pinpoint any claimants who have not been asked – and call them proactively at an early stage to assess whether a personal injury claim may be forthcoming.
The analytics process will also examine calls for any possible hints of a personal injury that advisors are failing to pick up on. Again, this can be used in whole team and individual training.

Predicting the cost of claims

As the calls are being analysed for the reasons above, a further task will include tracking the types of injuries that are being claimed – offering valuable additional insight for the insurer about the comparative costs of different injuries, so it can better estimate the likely total costs of claims.
The project will be led by senior consultant Andy Rothwell, who sees it as an example of the growing recognition of how analytics can help address business issues.

“Identifying personal injury claims correctly at first notification of loss has a number of implications for insurers. Our analytics service will not only support training and future compliance, but it will also enable our client to take action promptly if the right questions haven’t been asked – of real value to its forecasting and claim management

About our client

Our client is one of the UK’s leading direct insurers.

About Ember

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