Should we be talking to our clients about the implications of Brexit on maintaining multi-lingual service centres?


The impact of Brexit is already starting to concern a number of Ember’s clients – some of whom are now actively planning for a reducing pool of specialist skills as a consequence.  Last year (2016) as a country, according to UK Government statistics, we had an increase in EU nationals leaving the UK by 31,000.  So if you are running contact centres and employing European Nationals for their language skills, facts like that are likely to at least be a worry, and may well be a problem.  Whilst we cannot be certain of the outcomes for our economy or our access to skilled staff, one thing is certain – if these are the impacts before we get fully immersed in the post-Brexit arrangements, you cannot afford to get caught with your head in the sand as the tide turns.
Ember can help on a case by case, client by client basis reviewing the possible impacts and whether investigating alternative locations or keeping staff in existing locations would be better. We share planning techniques for revising location strategies, and analyse whether clients would benefit from a ‘first mover advantage’ if they were to move or whether it would be a better to ‘wait and see’ what happens.
As cost is no longer the key consideration for where your multi-lingual support and service centres should be based, before you plan your next move or question the viability of staying put, let’s start talking.
Why not download our Top Tips Guide, call Simon Foot on 07796 148709 or email if you’d like to have a chat about the future of your contact centre, or to take part in the syndicate research to explore these implications further.