Resolving customer complaints and turning them into advocates

In an age of massive consumer empowerment, with more ways for customers to vent than ever before, your organisation’s approach to handling complaints is not just a regulatory box to tick but a strategic opportunity to drive change and maximise business value. Ember’s integrated solution can help you understand your areas of weakness, drill down to root causes, implement people and process improvements – and monitor their effectiveness ongoingly.

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Our work has crossed multiple regulated industries and a variety of business models and challenges. We’re now drawing on that experience to create a single, integrated solution for businesses, that includes:

  • rapid, independent assessment of your complaint-handling policies and practice against regulatory requirements
  • omni-channel monitoring and VoC listening to surface key issues
  • root-cause analysis and process mapping to drill drown to the underlying problem behind perennial complaints
  • practical action points and recommendations for improvements
  • redesigning and automating processes, introducing new technology where appropriate
  • designing and delivering engaging development programmes such as empathy training for frontline teams
  • monitoring change and deliver continuous improvement

Everything we do is informed by our belief that a customer-centric focus on compliance and quality can create a virtuous circle which also delivers positive change and business value.

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