Transforming compliance culture through digital leadership

The volume of complaints against regulated businesses remains worryingly high, with organisations leaving themselves open to substantial risk through quality compliance systems that fail to identify root causes or drive continuous improvement. Ember can help organisations to scale and automate their compliance and quality monitoring in a way that’s fit for purpose in today’s highly scrutinised environment.

Our Solution

Our approach is designed to support and transform the quality management framework of any organisation in any regulated market. We provide independent and expert support to identify and implement improvements to reduce risk, as part of a menu of related services that lead from analysis and action plan through to automation and managed servicing:

  • rapid, independent assessment of quality and compliance framework in order to identify key opportunities to reduce risk
  • root-cause analysis helps to identify the problems that lead to more problems
  • transforming your approach and capabilities around quality and compliance through reporting, process improvement, training and development
  • managed services to scale up and automate the monitoring and improvement of quality, compliance and business improvement through analytics
  • managed complaints as a fully outsourced service

Our approach is designed to add value, regardless of your starting point. As expert practitioners, we work always to embed digital learning so as to close the loop on quality and compliance issues.

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