Transforming customer experience through learning and development

Because new hires are costly, there’s a temptation to cram onboarding knowledge into people’s heads as quickly as possible, while perhaps also ignoring the softer people skills that are also essential in customer-facing teams. Leaning on Ember’s blend of industry experience and learning & development best practice, you can tailor development and induction solutions that maximise the effectiveness of teams and individuals, and really make knowledge stick.

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Our Solution

With our bespoke onboarding programme tailored to your world you can accelerate time to competence and boost your people’s soft skills.

Following a review of your current on-boarding processes, we will agree together your preferred target outcomes, and develop a digital-first programme geared to your needs, either optimising your existing programme or building and designing a fresh programme.  

To help consolidate the learning, we offer an online knowledge retention tool, Errol Owl. This fun quiz-based platform can take as little as 60 seconds a day to complete – a fast-paced repetition mechanism that is proven to make knowledge stick. Managers and trainers can use the data in the system to identify where additional support is needed for individuals, or where an element of the onboarding programme isn’t yet landing well.  

And to optimise team and individual effectiveness, we offer a wide range of popular workshops that are ready to plug and pay as standard, or can be customised to the specific needs of your organisation.  

Our approach combines an in-depth understanding of the contact-centre world, state-of the-art digital skills, and expertise in the latest learning & development thinking.  

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