Our solution extracts insights from all customer touchpoints to help you prioritise the actions needed to reduce customer effort and improve experience.

Build an end-to-end view of the customer experience with Ember’s innovative omni-channel analytics solution. It draws together what your customers are saying across voice, email, webchat, social channels, messaging and feedback surveys to provide quantifiable and actionable insights into what’s affecting their experience right now. Using this insight, you can set a prioritised change agenda to act on drivers of Customer Experience to make a positive change and track the performance improvements.

Maximise the value from your customer interactions

All businesses recognise the value of listening to their customers. But in today’s omni-channel world, it’s hard to keep track of the many different conversations that you’re having.

The reality in most organisations is that feedback is gathered in silos: the contact centre may know what customers are saying on the phone, the digital team track social media trends and feedback surveys go straight to the marketing function. This lack of joined-up insight can often miss the cause and effect issues that will help an organsiation prioritise the right actions to get the best outcome for customers and the organisation. Another issue is that often there are much higher costs associated with the data collection which can be reduced through an integrated approach.

Every conversation, every channel, analysed in the same way:

Ember’s omni-channel analytics has been designed to fill that gap. It brings together what customers are saying across all your channels – not only including the core interaction channels of voice, messaging, email, chat and social, but also the customer and employee feedback channels – it then applies a common analytics layer to provide robust data about current issues and key business priorities.

That data is then presented to you in a customisable dashboard that makes it simpler for businesses to:

Monitor performance across the entire customer journey

Identify emerging trends or potential service issues

Quantify the impact of different activities – from new campaigns and media stories to problems with delivery

Gain greater insight into how customers use different channels through choice or through failure

Help identify individual training needs of your people to target coaching resources appropriately

Understand the processes that have failed and identify the fixes to improve the customer experience

Our analytics solution also makes it easy to drill down into the underlying data to find out more about the causes of an issue – so you can take relevant and prompt action to resolve it. Crucially, too, because you’ve got quantifiable evidence of the scale of an issue and how many customers were talking about it, you can track how quickly and effectively it’s addressed: are customers still talking about it tomorrow?

Avoid mistakes and missed opportunities

Our pioneering omni-channel analytics solution doesn’t just broaden analytics to more types of interaction. It also adds a new dimension to conventional speech analytics: real-time.

As well as giving you insights into customer conversations post-call, our new addition offers an immediate analysis of all live call. This is then backed by automated alerts for customer service agents to act on, and for customer service managers to monitor and intervene quickly.

Shaped around your needs

Like all Ember analytics services, omni-channel analytics is highly flexible.
Work with us to put the solution in place and configure the initial search terms and alerts.

You can use this powerful technology in different ways to identify operational efficiencies, increase sales and retention conversion and improve quality and compliance – all whilst delivering a better customer experience.

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