Insight & Analytics Services

Turn to our skilled analysts to help you understand what better looks like for your business.

Case for change

Measurable organisational improvement starts with a clear goal, but most organisations struggle to answer the question “what does better look like?” Our team are specialists in helping define that, providing clear insight and hard evidence about your customer experience and your performance compared to your peers. We can then help you apply that to define goals and measure progress towards them, building a robust case for change.


Targeted Research and Powerful Analytics

We provide evidence in two primary ways: targeted research and powerful analytics. We are able to use a global network of analysts, consultants and industry professionals to conduct both quantitative and qualitative research to answer your key questions. We’ll explore consumer and market trends and conduct in-depth interviews with subject experts, as well as examining third party data.


Answer Crucial Questions

Our analytics services focus on generating insights from your customer interactions. We offer a swift and effective way to answer crucial questions and discover hidden trends and patterns – providing actionable insights that relate purely to your business.


Nurture Your Expertise

As well as providing our expertise, we can also help nurture yours – offering a detailed assessment of your current insight capability and how you can best improve it.


Insight & Analytics Solutions

Our consulting approach is made up of the following services that clients can combine or select individually depending on their need.

Insight Capability Assessment

An independent audit of team skills, processes, methods, tools, stakeholder engagement, output and MI, data and organisation design related to your interaction analytics solution or insights capability.

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Specialist Research

Use our expertise in customer management and customer service and our presence in some of the global leaders in customer experience to help inform your business on the strategically important changes you plan to put in place.

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Managed Analytics Service

Effective change in your operations has to be based on hard evidence. That evidence lies buried within the telephone conversations, webchats, emails, customer surveys and social media interactions your customers engage in with you.

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Meet The Specialist

Lee Mostari

Director of Insights and Analytics

Lee joined Ember in 2017 as Consulting Director with responsibility for managed analytics and customer experience. He has an impressive track record of leading successful projects to apply the voice of the customer to improve the overall customer experience. Lee led consulting teams at both NICE Systems and Insight Now. He worked for several years for the T-Mobile Group, performing customer insight roles in the UK and overseas. Prior to T-Mobile, Lee worked for 12 years within the Santander Group, again focused on delivering projects that significantly improved the customer experience.