Managed Analytics Services

Hard evidence based on your customer interactions to catalyse effective change.

Most organisations know that there’s a wealth of insight to be gained from the telephone conversations, webchats, emails, customer surveys and social media interactions they have with their customers. The challenge is extracting it. Our Managed Analytics service provides a rapid and cost-effective way of generating those insights.


We combine powerful analytics technologies with insightful interpretation to tell you not just what’s happening in your customer interactions, but what you can do about it – and how you’ll gain from the changes you make. Our secure and scalable cloud-based platform means there’s no need for you to invest in hardware or software. We can look for insights around ‘known’ issues, explore emerging patterns or monitor the impact of business change.


You can use our services on a one-off basis, for periodic insights and reports or as an ongoing managed service; we’ll build the queries and quality-control the process. Whichever option you choose, you benefit from the analytical skills and business experience of our team, freeing you up to focus on delivering improvements to the customer experience from the insights derived.

Meet The Specialist

Lee Mostari

Director of Insights and Analytics

Lee joined Ember in 2017 as Consulting Director with responsibility for managed analytics and customer experience. He has an impressive track record of leading successful projects to apply the voice of the customer to improve the overall customer experience. Lee led consulting teams at both NICE Systems and Insight Now. He worked for several years for the T-Mobile Group, performing customer insight roles in the UK and overseas. Prior to T-Mobile, Lee worked for 12 years within the Santander Group, again focused on delivering projects that significantly improved the customer experience.