Specialist Research

Gain the independent insight you need to inform business decisions and build the case for change.

Every project we undertake for our clients has a research component, and over the years, we’ve developed a robust and structured approach to how we do this effectively. We now apply this not only to support our core projects, but also offer a research service for clients who simply need insight into a key issue.

Our research typically covers the following areas:

  • Customer / consumer trends and how these are shaping customer engagement
  • Best, or innovative, practices in customer engagement from relevant organisations in the market
  • How organisations are innovating through technology or in their business models
  • How locations compare when looking to optimise operating models.

We draw data from third party sources, our own data and from primary research gathered through interviews. Our network and reach across sectors are critical to the effectiveness of our research.

Our Approach

We have developed structured and robust methodologies that ensure our research provides the insights clients need to make key decisions. Across all areas, we:

  • Define the research brief
  • Agreed criteria to help us assess any options that the research might identify
  • Gather, combine and assess client data with relevant data from the market and targeted sources
  • Identify an interview panel and develop questionnaire(s) to capture primary data or insight
  • Combine the research data into a report that answers the brief
  • Embed the key findings from the research into the consulting team’s work or to complete the assessment


Why Ember?

  • We are wholly independent of vendors
  • We have a wealth of data we can draw on and a team of skilled interviewers
  • Our approach is flexible and can be delivered to support a larger project, or to help answer a tactical question.


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